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Euro Movable Aluminium Scaffolding 4.4m - Made in USA - Double Width - With Staircase

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Euro Movable Aluminium Scaffolding 4.4m - Made in USA - Double Width - With Staircase

Rs. 14,578.00

Made in USA. World No.1 in Scaffolding's. Euro Movable Aluminium alloy scaffolding, with its advanced design and unique Qualities, has been widely used in hotels, mansions, property management, cleaning work, industrial & mineral enterprises, subway, mega rooms, decoration & cleaning, electricity generation, power supply, aviation, shipping trade, It is known for its trademark safety, convenience and efficiency. It is the perfect assistaant for the customers to operate their aerial maintenance, repair, installation and cleaning work.

Features :

  • Light weight : This scaffolding is made of light but firm aviation aluminium alloy so it is easy to assembled, move and keep. And its weight is only one third of the traditional one made of steel, which avoids any damage to the floor.
  • Safe and firm structure :It is a safe and firm platform with all joints tightly engaged. With welding and casting techniques, our joint is distributed with 4100-4400kg, much stronger than the permitted one with 2100kg. The load of the 12m double deck reaches about 500kg. Each deck can stand the weight of 275kg and the complete tower of 900kg.
  • Easy assembly & dismantlement :It’s of “toy bricks” design, with standard parts. No assembling tools should be needed. An aerial platform of 12m will be assembled by two persons within a short time.
  • Easy transit : It has castors so that it can be moved and locked easily and work at different places.
  • High applicability : It is allowed to be erected on stairways and difficult terrain, and the castors prevent any damage on the marble or wood floor and the lawn. It is designed for use in confined spaces such as narrow alleyways and corridors. It can be assembled in many ways.
  • Flexible assembly : It can be designed and assembled according to any operation request of any special maintenance in all working sites.
  • Rust-proof, corrosion-proof, maintenance free : All parts of the scaffolding are oxidation free, with interlocks made by casting of spray pellet, which gives it's a lifespan of 30 years & more*.

Full round tubing frames :

All frames can be utilized as uppers, lowers and guard rails without modification.Spring interlock clip for easy assembly and dismantle Fully welded “T” set for long life and robust construction.5,4,3 rungs and guard rail frames for various height combinations.

Braces :

Automatic self locking brace hooks for easy assemble and simple trigger release
All self locks are aluminium welded to the braces giving robust durable construction
All braces with colored hooks for easy identifications

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